Contentment vs Striving

SysyphusI would honestly have to say that currently I am not satisfied with where I am in my life at this point. I think most people feel that way to some degree. Hats off to those lucky few who are totally satisfied and content with their current situation in life. I am in awe of those people.

While I was thinking about this and I have to admit, stressing out about it to some degree, I brought out an excerpt I took from a great book I read by former Navy SEAL Mark Devine called “Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency And Mental Toughness To Succeed At An Elite Level”. I encourage anyone to read it who is interested in succeeding in life. In it he talks about the 5 Mountains of Self Mastery and they are the physical, mental, emotional, intuition & awareness and the Kokoro spirit mountains. But the excerpt that really hit home to me was the following:

“In the context of everyday life choices , simplicity can mean to be content with your present situation. Though it is important to work toward the best possible future, remaining content at the same time keeps things simple. In fact, where you are now is a necessary step in your evolution, and it was created by you. It doesn’t help to beat yourself up if you aren’t happy with the current state of affairs. Keep it simple, and be content: obsessing about what you don’t have accomplishes nothing. Remain content with where you are while executing a simple strategy for getting to where you want to go.”

– Mark Devine – Unbeatable Mind

I don’t know about you but this is easier said then done for me, but there is great wisdom here. Remaining content while still working towards your goals allows you to see the landscape more clearly and allows your creativity to flow, which may lead to you getting to where you want to be in life even faster. It also has the benefit of allowing you to enjoy the present more, knowing confidently that you are making progress. It is a fact that the only thing promised to us is here and now – and to spend it obsessing and worrying is not what you want to do. Being obsessed with what I don’t have or not being where I want to be just leads to more stress. And stress, as we all know is a real killer. Perhaps contemplate this concept while meditating if you prefer. I think the key here to get control of your inner dialogue and steer it toward more positive and productive thoughts rather than just spinning your wheels.



Courage Dog vs Fear Dog : Which are you feeding?

Mark also mentions an idea that in Native American folklore they have the legend of “the Wolves Within”. They believed inside us lived a good wolf and an evil wolf, who were constantly battling for control of you. Devine prefers to use the “Courage Dog, Fear Dog” version and when you harbor negative thoughts and energy, you are feeding the fear dog. Which ever dog gets fed, grows stronger. When you are content, but moving toward your goals with confidence you are feeding your courage dog and he’ll get stronger.

So next time you’re stressed about life not working out as you planned or things not happening as quickly as you would like. Relax and think about which dog you’re feeding at the moment and let’s be sure to feed the courage dog. At the very least you won’t be feeding the fear dog and taking two steps forward and one step back.


Resources For You:

Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (Third Edition)
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Mark Devine’s Website:

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