Top 5 Wayne Dyer Books – IMO

wayne-dyerWe lost a great man and one of my all time favorite authors recently – Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dyer’s first book, Your Erroneous Zones was the first self help, success psychology book I ever read. It fueled my interest in this field that remains to this day. In this book I was also introduced to Abraham Maslow and his hierachry of needs which has had a major influence on not only psychology but advertising, marketing and business management as well. Dyer listed Maslow as one of his mentors. Being a teenager at the time, and full of emotions I didn’t understand, Dyer in his first few books seemed to be able to cut through all the psychological babble and explain things in a very common sense way without ever talking down to the reader. He made it sound like he had found or realized something really unique and wanted to tell all his friends (his readers) what it was.

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