The Benefits And Keys To Setting Goals For Yourself

goal_settingMost people wait until January and the beginning of the new year to create their goals and resolutions. But really anytime is a great time to set goals for yourself. Setting goals and meeting them gives one a benchmark for their achievements and a sense of accomplishment. Having a plan of action to achieve your goal gives us a feeling that we are in control of our future to some extent. Here we will list the many benefits of setting goals for yourself as well as the keys to setting them and successfully achieving your goals.



Failures do what is tension relieving, while winners do what is goal achieving.  – Dennis Waitley


Benefits Of Goal Setting

One of the biggest benefits of setting goals is that it makes you think more deeply about what you want to accomplish. Many of us go through life not really knowing what we want in life. Well one of the byproducts of goal setting is it forces you to focus on what you really want to do. This clarity of purpose can lead to less stress and worry about where you’re going in life and give you more direction. You start to develop a more positive outlook because you are moving forward and making things happen for yourself. The more you focus on your goals the more opportunities you will see in accomplishing them as well.

Part of the process of goal setting includes creating a plan of action. Creating an action plan gives you more of a sense of control over that outcome. If your plan of action is detailed enough you can see step by step how to reach your goal. You can visualize yourself achieving the goal.



Keys To Successful Goal Setting

The first key to successful goal setting is that your goals should be attainable. In other words setting a goal of losing thirty pounds in a week is probably unrealistic and will just lead to disillusion when you don’t succeed in achieving it. So your goal should be logically attainable. If it is a really big goal – like the aforementioned losing 30 pounds – be sure and break it up into small attainable goals like – losing a pound a week or 3-4 pounds a month until you meet your thirty pound goal.

The second key to successful goal setting is to make sure your goal is quantifiable and measurable. In other words instead of stating your goal for example – that you want to save more money this year or begin a running program – state it in a way that is measurable. For example you plan to save $5,000 dollars toward a new house this year by saving $200 every 2 weeks or you plan to run three times a week till, adding to your distance until you are running 10 miles a week. This way you can set milestones along the way and gain positive motivation as you close in on your goal.

The third key to successful goal setting is to give your goal a time limit if possible. Not all goals can be given a time limit but most can. Having a time limit for your goal gives you motivation to get it done and keeps you track. You can see where you are at in your timeline and push yourself if needed to keep your goal on time and on track. It also keeps you from procrastinating and gets you started on achieving your goal.



4 Steps For Successful Goal Setting

Step 1 – State your goal in clear concise language that is measurable and time limited. Brainstorm your goals and really focus on what you want to accomplish. If your goal is big, see if you can’t break it down into smaller more achievable goals. Once you have your goal, state it in clear concise language, with measurable milestones and a time limit if possible.

Step 2- Create a plan of action. Your plan of action should be as detailed as possible with every step you are going to take to achieve the goal.  Understand that these action steps might change as you proceed toward your goal and find something is not working and you reevaluate and fine tune your action plan.

Step 3  – Periodically evaluate your progress. With a time limited goal it helps to check your progress at defined times along the way. Doing this allows you to reassess your action plan to make sure it’s working for you and possibly give yourself more motivation that might be needed to complete your goal in the desired time.

Step 4 – Celebrate your success. When working towards goals it’s important celebrate and pat yourself on the back when you achieve your goal. Even if you didn’t achieve it completely you now know what takes to achieve it and can reassess what you did and create a new action plan that will turn out more successful the next time.


As you set goals and achieve them you will get better at the four steps above. You will see a gain in self confidence as see yourself making progress. You will feel more in control of where your life is going and happy that you are doing what you want to do.


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